Make your message work harder

We’ve been involved with hundreds of social fundraising efforts. So even if you haven’t, we’ve got plenty of ideas and best practices to make your social fundraising campaign with The Donor Tree the most effective and far-reaching possible. And the list doesn’t stop here. We always have new and exciting ideas on our Facebook page. Check us out at

Don’t be shy with your Online Bumper Sticker

This important little image can radically change your fundraising results. Be sure to include it on all your communication pieces – website, email, social media. And ask friends and supporters to share it with their contacts as well. It’s Networking 101, and it’s a numbers game. The more people who see your bumper sticker, and the more often they see it, the more likely you are to see success.

Create challenges, because everyone needs a goal to reach

Recognize and reward those who help you meet goals. Challenge your supporters to bring in three new donors this month. When they do, reward them with a free latte at the local coffee shop. Or try a team challenge. Will the males or females raise more money? Is a student group helping you raise dollars? Pit class against class. Don’t forget to post ongoing results when you repost your bumper sticker on social media!

Donors and contributors like to be recognized

Try publicly acknowledging those who raise money for you. Thank an individual on your Facebook wall or on your Twitter feed. They will love the recognition they get not just from your organization, but also from others who see and also acknowledge their efforts. And just maybe, they’ll be motivated to do even more.