Let your supporters do your fundraising for you

The fundraising game is changing and we’re helping you make the most of it. The Donor Tree integrates your message, your social media and your fundraising efforts. So you can do more good in less time.


Simply let your donors do your legwork. When they join your effort, they can boast to their friends using their Facebook, Twitter, websites or blogs.

Their word can be more powerful than yours in influencing their friends. And you can even help them craft the message.

But it’s our clever Online Bumper Sticker® that makes The Donor Tree the obvious choice. It’s a digital flag that your supporters can wave proudly to mark their donation. Our Online Bumper Sticker® features your logo, your message and a link to your donation page. It puts potential new donors one quick click away from you.

And when they recruit new donors, those folks get their own bumper stickers too. After that, the sky’s the limit.