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How are funds collected and disbursed to client?

The Donor Tree is tightly integrated with Stripe for accepting payments directly to your bank account. You can sign up for an account with Stripe in minutes and begin accepting payments immediately. More information is available at

How much does The Donor Tree and Stripe cost?

Traditional merchant and gateway accounts can be costly with varying rates based on the card type, transaction amount, or batching frequency. With The Donor Tree, we make using your donations easier with 7 day rolling deposits to your bank account. From each successful donation charge, we’ll keep 4 percent. Stripe will charge a Credit Card Processing of 2.9 percent plus a $.30 transaction fee.

  • No monthly fees - Only get charged when you earn money
  • No refund costs – If you refund a transaction, Stripe will return the entire fee
  • No hidden fees – Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no card storage fees

Once I activate my account, how long am I able to use the tool?

There is no limit to how long or short you use the program. The only fees you will pay The Donor Tree are the percentage of donations and per-transaction charge.

I want to solicit a specific meaningful dollar amount. Ex. We are looking to do big things in 2018 and want to achieve at least 2,014 donations in the amount of $20.14. Can this number be added to the drop-down amounts on our donation page?

Yes, contact us and let us know the dollar amount(s) you would like listed and we can make that happen.

Is it possible to embed the donation or event form in the client’s website?

The Donor Tree offers an Embedded Form option. Please contact us to enable the embedded form and receive the extra code needed.

Can we be notified each time a donation is made?

Yes, you will get a copy of the thank-you email each time someone donates. If others in your organization need to be notified, their email address can be added in the “BCC Addresses” field in your account settings.

Are we able to customize the language on the thank you email? I think it needs to be more personal.

Yes, when logged into your account, go to “Campaign Settings” to customize and manage your messages.

How does The Donor Tree handle the database of my donors? Do I have access to it and can I export it out of your system?

You can access your Donor Tree database at anytime by logging in to your Donor Tree account. You can view, manage, sort within our tool or you can export your database to a csv file to merge it with other databases you may have.

We’re interested in using a text-to-give campaign, but have been scared away by the high fees associated with most of these programs. Does The Donor Tree offer a solution in the texting medium?

The Donor Tree is partnered with a texting company that offers a local 10-digit phone number, unlimited key words and unlimited texts. Contact us to hear about the great pricing for this plan.

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